Monday, October 12, 2009

Dissapointing Fruit Loops

This is an odd concept ive been thinking about for a video game, slightly art nouveau robots
This Wax frog is already for sale at Plainwell Flowers, in both prints and the Original, the other with the plaid frogs and the lily should be heading down there sometime this week schedule permiting.

So yeah, the other day I purchased one of those spartan brand bags of cereal, it tastes basically the same and its so much cheaper. I decided to go with fruit loops, a childhood favorite of mine I like to isolate the different colors in the bowl and like eat all the greens first or what have you. Well they have apparently started putting marshmallows in with the fruit loops, which would seem like a good thing but its not, its somewhat dissapointing, and it makes the milk taste kinda weird. With this dissappointment i started to question the entire idea of the spartan bags of cereal. What does a snowboarding kangaroo have to do with fruit loops, if your trying to create a pleasant cartoon character to advertise your cereal why choose a marsupial that doesnt really seem to have anything to do with the cereal especially being a Michigan based company, we have cool animals to choose from. Toucan sam makes sense, ever in some twisted way Smacks the frog made sense, kangaroos snowboarding.
That wasnt really relative to anything I suppose, i just enjoy cereal from time to time.

Fall really is a great time, its kinda cold but not that biting wind stuff that seems to happen, its jacket weather, but no one starts hassling me for wearing shorts. And there's an over abundance of pumpkin flavored things everywhere, i love pumpkin stuff. Considering that the only kids that will come to my door are my nieces and nephews is it ok for me to make pumpkin muffins for halloween? maybe ill get a small assortment as well, just in case. Halloween is such a great holiday, its the only time that its acceptable for adults everywhere to wear capes, and all manner of strange clothes. You can become anyone you want to be, someone else for an evening or a few evenings depending on how many parties people have.

I started enjoying Ian Dury and the Blockheads again, classic. Speaking of classic I kinda want to go and see Night of The Living Dead the 1968 Romero film at the Woodland theater in a few weeks here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Its almost Halloween

A few more of the things that will be for sale at the Plainwell Floral Shop in a few weeks here, i also have another one of a Monkey frog, also known as a Wax frog, in a field of spider mums since they are fun to paint.

A few concept drawings, possibly to be used for a video game a friend of mine is working on, ive got some more in the works of giant robots with squids piloting them
Always thought Da vinci's helicopter designs were cool.

More concept character type stuff.

So I went on a drive earlier out to the local Speedway to get some caffeinated beverages and i realized yet again why this town still doesnt feel like home. I had been thinking that missing Allendale was mostly tied to my studio, since it has been my only real home for the last few years. But I think that perhaps it wasnt just my studio. I miss being able to walk across the street to get caffeine, granted i could never really understand what Sam was saying when i would go in there, but he always was happy to see me and if i went in with an attractive girl he would emphasize the good in "have a good night" as he slipped a few prophylactics into my bag. And pretty much every time I would go into the Allendale Speedway there was always someone i knew in there to talk with. Once when i was working on Christmas the kind guy who runs China One opened up just to make me some chicken, since i was working on Christmas. So I realize that all of those people, the Jimmy Johns folks, except for Ellie that is, Speedway, Calder, even the grocery store, they all accepted me for the strange and peculiar person that I am. Here in Middleville, i know people, but I fell like im being judged for my eccentricities. Tonight for example when i went into the Speedway wearing some hawaiian shorts, skeleton hoodie and puffy vest to purchase some caffeine and a bag of pretzels, I felt that the third shift woman looked at me like I was stoned. I realize that this isnt my town anymore, it hasnt been for some time, not since that night summers back when I had a late night conversation in her driveway, when we talked and stared up at the stars. That house isnt even there anymore.

On an entirely unrelated note, yesterday Christopher and I went to see Pandorum, the new science fiction film starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Superb, It was everything I had hoped for and more. For anyone who hasnt seen my vast movie library, I happen to enjoy movies, I especially love science fiction and horror films. But not so many of the so called horror films that have become popular within the last few years, the ones where its really more about the fact that its gory then that its scary or suspenseful, sure they always have that nail biting scene where the buxom secondary character is running through the woods, while the killer cally walks through the trees after her, yet somehow catches her, probably because of the 5 seconds when she tripped and hurt her ankle. These films are usually predictable and rely on the amount of blood and guts to carry the film. This film, was a spectacular marriage of both science fiction and horror, several points in the movie I jumped rather high as things jumped out. The ending was completely unexpected, the whole story itself didnt really have any moments of predictablity, except the little kid, never trust a creepy little kid. All in all though i suggest seeing it.
I also suggest checking out The Big Bang Theory, which I purchased recently, I laughed so hard I gave myself a headache.
Hope all is well

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hope your ready for all this

A few sketches for fantasy type characters, always fun a good time

Laugh Kookabura, Laugh; a painting that along with the two plaid frogs will be sold at the Plainwell flowers, flower shop after its Grand Reopening
Who says Milar isnt a good time

While i cant really show any of the drawings, cause that would be telling, i figured id put up this single cherry as a promo for the upcoming film Cherry, which ive been doing alot of work for over the past month or so.

One of the first studies i did to get back painting after my arm was well enough

The drawings that are on cardboard all all from a group of colored pencil drawings that i did when i still only had the one arm, my surgery and all that. Still i dont mind them to much.

Its been quite awhile so i should probably elaborate on what ive been doing, for those who are curious. After my BFA gallery show (from my previous post, of which there are still several pieces for sale) I had shoulder surgery on the following Tuesday, during the next week while somewhat conscious because of the pain pills my boss Ellie Smith of Jimmy Johns in allendale fired me, because i went to my get shoulder surgery instead of working the shift that she added to my schedule despite me telling her i couldnt work it, apparently she finally found that excuse to fire me, i knew you didnt like me, but geez lady (in a performance report she marked me down because i helped make a positive working environment). Over the next month or so i was basically confined to my parents basement because i was still quite loopy and couldnt really do much except be sedentary. It was a rather trying time since it seemed to be taking so long for me to be able to once again be able to draw which on top of having to deal with my mother, who i could tell was kind of feed up with having me around and not able to do anything, caused a great deal of anxiety. I kept questioning as to if I would be able to draw as well once i was recuperated. Eventually I was able to move up to the cottage after i bought a new spectacular bed, and didnt have to sleep in a ruddy arm chair. That was around the time that i was able to start working on the colored pencil drawings above, which was alot more fun than i remebered colored pencil being, i see what Tim enjoys about it.
Socially i started being able to see people again now that i was in my own residence, and it was really great to be able to see my friends, even if i couldnt really go anywhere. I did a month or more of Physical Therapy here in Middleville, which was nice, made some new friends and started being able to feel like myself again. Also started being able to drive again and do stuff, went down to Kalamazoo from time to time with the guys to a piano bar called The Union, which was an enjoying bar. Ive also gotten to attend quite a few weddings this summer, Cary Middlebush's wedding was wonderful (although im ashamed to say ive still been to shy to call a lovely girl that i met there) And then Kenny's wedding on the 15th, it was great to see all those familiar faces, and i kinda thought that if Kenny smiled any bigger he might have hurt his cheeks. Renee also got married which was an awesome wedding as well, it was also good to hang out with all the Wayland cross girls again, a few i dont think ive really seen since high school.
So i suppose thats the synopsis of my summer as to current, my movie collection has also increased greatly which i suppose is good for the sanity but not for the checkbook. Hopefully all of you out there have had great summers full of mystery, intrigue (sorry ive been watching alot of Dr. Who) and lets not forget Moosephants.

Also ive you would like to watch something spectacular, check out Torchwood, Children of Earth, the BBC miniseries, it really makes you think about how humanity can be if pushed far enough.
Also the band Psychotic Pineapple, superb

Monday, April 13, 2009

This Is Not That, april 16th 5-7

Just a taste of the stuff that will be at the show on Thursday the 16th(reception from 5-7) didnt want to give to much away so i figured id put up some small thumbnails. From the sounds of things there will be alot of people coming so it should be a good time. If youd like to come just find me at the show and we can give you a postcard so you can park for free while your here.

Inside Baba Yaga's house (Finist the Bright Falcon)
Raisa's Iron Shoes (Finist the Bright Falcon)
The most Beautiful Tsarevna (The Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom)
A Crab who is in fact a robot (The Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom)
The old man in the swamp who tells Ivan 
how to get home (The Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom)

These last weeks or so have been kinda trying getting all the stuff done for the show, the stress of going out into the world, along with realizations, plus the even more daunting weight of my inevitable surgery which doesnt really sound all to pleasant, and if it wasnt for all my friends wanting to come and hang out with me at my sweet cottage (the carpet is really nice) the thought of not being able to draw the way i want to for a few months would be rather depressing indeed. On the plus side ill be able to catch up on some movies and reading (just like the song says) and ill probably have to teach myself to draw better with my left hand, since i doubt that ill really be able to stay sane without drawing anything.

maybe gils right and i should throw it in the lake...

I was also thinking of perhaps, with the help of my dad since ill only have one arm, planning on constructing a large zen garden in my backyard, probably with pebbles since it can get windy from time to time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So I was told that i should do a post that has a process thing, but i don't want to give away to much of the stuff for my show, so heres a process thing with a cover illustration that I, despite my better judgement, took a break from my show for a week to do, but it should be ok once i get some sleep. This first one is the preliminary sketch that was the original idea
Sketch before i painted it. (had to scrap the hand in the foreground seemed kinda creepy)
And this is what it ended up being. So after a weekend of minimal sleep (even for me) its done and I can go back to working on my show and not sleeping for the rest of the 
week.... awesome.
Its been busy lately getting stuff ready for the show and my new summer residence, which will be amazing. The carpet in there is so nice i almost don't even want a bed. Its going to be nice to be in Middleville again, probably a little weird at the same time though. On the plus side i can have bonfires and there wont be strange security guys who think my houseplants must be weed, cause why would a college student have houseplants right.
Its been a rough month really, alot of ups and downs it seems, even more so then basically this entire year, but maybe things will turn out alright who know. The magical magic eight ball is quite optimistic about a great many things it seems, and it was was blessed by a gypsy so you have to trust it. 
I will be putting up another post with some thumbnails of stuff for the show so check it out, and maybe an image of our postcard.

The Wombats, Lets Dance to Joy Divison, fun song, relevent lyrics

Sunday, March 8, 2009

so the colors look a little miffed in the picture, but this is pretty much done i think
Dunkleosteus, a prehistoric fish from the Devonian period, he is happy...
Hopefully ill be able to build the house that i want to, i might have to figure something out for the legs since i dont think ill be able to do bronze anymore.
Some bad stuff happened in the social life, of which im really sad about, and i doubt it will ever be better, but the consoling words of my friends are helpful. on the plus side my fortune cookie told me to think about it because ill feel better, "focus on the color yellow tomorrow for good luck"

I keep listening to "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" by the Smashing Pumpkins, not the one from the batman and robin soundtrack, but the version from the B-sides album. well that song and  some MeWithoutYou

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the first updates of my show, im kinda a bit behind, but now that i have some of my photos taken i can really kick it into gear
the very beautiful Golden princess, the love interest of one of the stories oh and thats right shes a robot (there will be more butterflies and a castle)
i decided i didnt want to draw horses cause thats lame, and lets face it i dont really like drawing horses, so instead of horsemen, its going to be a guy on a salamander and a guy on a white mouse, why because i do what i want. and perhaps someone besides Sigrid gets the hidden thing ill be adding to these two compostions when they are up at the show.

Other stuff has been ok, confusing and all, but hey life is isnt it. a goat died a while ago, a good goat to.... he will be missed.

The Thrills, check it out, theyre sweet

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not really finished drawing from my sketchbook, anyways things are getting along slowly, Im not where I want to be with my stuff for my show, but I think its mostly I need to spend less time not at calder, so in other words i need to get up earlier and stay here later, probably good desicions, maybe start buying groceries to have here to.
Also, apparently not that many people have heard about this yet, but im excited because well basically its a movie being produced by two amazing people Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (director of Nochnoy Dozor, and Wanted) and directed by Shane Acker, who is a fairly young guy not to far out of college who has done some stuff with Weta. Anyways I digress, check out  9

I think I will use some of my christmas money to buy more Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cause that show never gets old.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A new Year

You maybe cant read that, but I was to make a sex Ed video I feel that this should be the MC

So its been a while since my last post, ill try to not let it be so long next time. Im planning on trying to have updated news on how my show is going throughout the semester.
Had a pretty amazing new years, a pretty great start to the year I'd say. the rest of the holidays were good got a shirt that is a map of Michigan which is pretty stellar. And we got the pizza boys back together in the same place which was also pretty great. so yeah things are going pretty well, now to just get a crack at the feeling of forboding from the show

Also i dislocated my shoulder on December 9, part of the reason there isnt more stuff up, but anyways i found out that i can probably wait until after the show for surgery, since it is about the sixth dislocation they said ill need it. So ill just be all drugged up for Graduation.

I have a new appreciation for The Shins, and She Wants Revenge