Monday, April 6, 2009

So I was told that i should do a post that has a process thing, but i don't want to give away to much of the stuff for my show, so heres a process thing with a cover illustration that I, despite my better judgement, took a break from my show for a week to do, but it should be ok once i get some sleep. This first one is the preliminary sketch that was the original idea
Sketch before i painted it. (had to scrap the hand in the foreground seemed kinda creepy)
And this is what it ended up being. So after a weekend of minimal sleep (even for me) its done and I can go back to working on my show and not sleeping for the rest of the 
week.... awesome.
Its been busy lately getting stuff ready for the show and my new summer residence, which will be amazing. The carpet in there is so nice i almost don't even want a bed. Its going to be nice to be in Middleville again, probably a little weird at the same time though. On the plus side i can have bonfires and there wont be strange security guys who think my houseplants must be weed, cause why would a college student have houseplants right.
Its been a rough month really, alot of ups and downs it seems, even more so then basically this entire year, but maybe things will turn out alright who know. The magical magic eight ball is quite optimistic about a great many things it seems, and it was was blessed by a gypsy so you have to trust it. 
I will be putting up another post with some thumbnails of stuff for the show so check it out, and maybe an image of our postcard.

The Wombats, Lets Dance to Joy Divison, fun song, relevent lyrics

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