Monday, April 13, 2009

This Is Not That, april 16th 5-7

Just a taste of the stuff that will be at the show on Thursday the 16th(reception from 5-7) didnt want to give to much away so i figured id put up some small thumbnails. From the sounds of things there will be alot of people coming so it should be a good time. If youd like to come just find me at the show and we can give you a postcard so you can park for free while your here.

Inside Baba Yaga's house (Finist the Bright Falcon)
Raisa's Iron Shoes (Finist the Bright Falcon)
The most Beautiful Tsarevna (The Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom)
A Crab who is in fact a robot (The Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom)
The old man in the swamp who tells Ivan 
how to get home (The Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom)

These last weeks or so have been kinda trying getting all the stuff done for the show, the stress of going out into the world, along with realizations, plus the even more daunting weight of my inevitable surgery which doesnt really sound all to pleasant, and if it wasnt for all my friends wanting to come and hang out with me at my sweet cottage (the carpet is really nice) the thought of not being able to draw the way i want to for a few months would be rather depressing indeed. On the plus side ill be able to catch up on some movies and reading (just like the song says) and ill probably have to teach myself to draw better with my left hand, since i doubt that ill really be able to stay sane without drawing anything.

maybe gils right and i should throw it in the lake...

I was also thinking of perhaps, with the help of my dad since ill only have one arm, planning on constructing a large zen garden in my backyard, probably with pebbles since it can get windy from time to time.


Aeris said...

Are you getting carpel tunnel surgery or something??

Larissa said...

you are amazing. all of these are amazing!