Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A new Year

You maybe cant read that, but I was to make a sex Ed video I feel that this should be the MC

So its been a while since my last post, ill try to not let it be so long next time. Im planning on trying to have updated news on how my show is going throughout the semester.
Had a pretty amazing new years, a pretty great start to the year I'd say. the rest of the holidays were good got a shirt that is a map of Michigan which is pretty stellar. And we got the pizza boys back together in the same place which was also pretty great. so yeah things are going pretty well, now to just get a crack at the feeling of forboding from the show

Also i dislocated my shoulder on December 9, part of the reason there isnt more stuff up, but anyways i found out that i can probably wait until after the show for surgery, since it is about the sixth dislocation they said ill need it. So ill just be all drugged up for Graduation.

I have a new appreciation for The Shins, and She Wants Revenge 

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Lauren Smith said...

I'm sorry about your shoulder, Mike.. but I'm glad that the surgery can wait a bit.

And i LOVE the blue-footed booby bird. My favorite kind of bird, in fact.