Monday, November 17, 2008

Contentfully stressed

This is a character that I made up for a story that I've been trying to think up
the initial pencil sketch
Been trying to think up work out some compostions, for possible paintings for my senior show, some russian kind of forest scenes, and what would it be without a squid tree.
Things are going pretty good, was a little hectic there for a bit with the stuff for the film I was working on, pretty awesome knowing that my work will be appearing in a film that will be coming out in theathers and all that jazz, oh and I'm and extra in a couple of scenes, so thats pretty cool to. Its nice to be done with it though, less stress now i just have stress of school. Although my personal life isnt to stressful as of late, I in fact think that things are going pretty well... but anyways, how all is well for everyone out there, and if you havent heard of them yet, i strongly suggest checking out Tunng, the good arrows album, pretty weird but pretty nice all the same.


Aeris said...

he looks like the iron giant!!!

Aeris said...

very nice!
ps i have a new blog for my photography