Monday, August 20, 2012

Goings Ons of Michael Hoskins

So while watching a film the other evening, I realized that I feel alittle bad for Nick Nolte, I dont know that Ive ever seen him in something where he wasnt kind of a dick that everyone hated who was trying to not be but is a bit misunderstood.
So theres that, anyways its been quite awhile, I feel alittle dumb honestly because everytime I blog post I seem to start things off with apologes and reassurances, and promises to be a better blogger, lets be honest, Im not fairly frequent with my bloggering, but I can try to be I suppose.
So firstly a filling in of things that are going in my life at th moment, well I recently kind of, I think it would be laid off, but im not certain, basically for the last, 6 months or so, Ive been working for a Barfly Ventures, better known as HopCat, Stellas Lounge, The Viceroy, Mcfaddens, and the Grand Rapids Brewing Co., it was kind of a dream job really, they hired me to be an illustrator and basically just paint cool stuff all the time, make posters and graphics and stuff. I have no hard feelings, I was kinda stressed out all the time, I was on salary, which compelled me to be constantly working on stuff, and felt guilty to make other art, or even go out of the house. It will also be nice to not be doing logos all the time, they are so frusterating, plus Im not a designer so my logos tend to be cool little paintings. I did make some really cool stuff while working for them, which I post gradually on here. Its alittle concerning though becuase Im not sure where Im going to get money, alittle nerve racking and stressful, but itll be ok, the cartoon should make money, and they asked me to freelance occasionally which should be good. I just dont want to have to go back to working as a bouncer, I worked 40+ hours every week, and never had any money, plus I worked every weekend til 4 am, so no social life either.
I also started dating a pretty wonderful girl, which is cool, shes gotten me to be cleaner, my house is tidier, which is cool, also looks great now becuase I got a new couch (before I got laid off).
My sister is getting married in a few weeks which is pretty awesome, I got this cool suit vest to wear, but it was a bit tight, which is actually good, it gave me a reason to actually start a diet and exercise more, which I needed to do anyways, but its always hard to get started with anything like that, no motivation, it always seems like it would be expensive, but basically im just going to eat eggs, pretty much for every meal, and eat smaller meals, its only been a few days, but I already lost 4 pounds.

So hopefully it wont be over a year before my next post, but Ill try to keep you all apprised of my goings ons, Im making an album for the Tony LaJoye Trio, more to come on that, and when we launch the site Ill put a link to the Conputers Cartoon website, and web cartoon im working on with a group of friends, we will have a kickstarter and it should be pretty great.

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