Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hi all, probably not a long post, but I told myself I would try to be better about posting stuff. Things have been going decently recently all things considered. Still dont have any job prospects on the horizon really, but I sent out emails to a bunch of different places, Baker Books, Beehive Illustration agency, Highlights. Id like to send more stuff to agencies, but Im not really sure how to go about that. While I loved going to Grand Valley, I do feel like the things missing in my education was how to actually get jobs, I mean in that regard people mostly suggested what to have in your portfolio, not like how to actually beat the pavement so to speak and get contacts and stuff.

    Anyways, my sister had her wedding last weekend, it was a really great ceremony, everyone had a great time, and it was nice to be able to introduce Anne to my family, hopefully it wasnt to overwhelming.  Donovan Cater officiated which was really cool, I think it means more in a wedding when you have a good friend do the actual stuff, especially since its so easy to be ordained these days. He and Jessa are really cool people too, Im looking forward to making a logo for her face painting. Im not a big logo person, but when someone wants me to make a logo and is coming to me becuase they want it to be in my style I dont mind at all, then its fun to see something youve done on letterhead, business cards and stuff.

Anyways Im not sure what art to throw on here today, Im going to start showing some of the stuff that I had made for Barfly when I was working there, they havent really contacted me about anything so Im not sure if they still want me to freelance at all. Heres a couple of the more animated banners (these are the top an bottom, they went on 11x14 posters will all the events an stuff, ones for beer dinners the other is for weekly events), and a poster I did for a hop festival, they didnt end up doing there own text, I added the text in digitally so it wasnt so bad.

Ill add more stuff next time, hopefully have something brand new, but also more of the Barfly stuff.

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