Sunday, July 31, 2011

Argyle Owls

Not to much grand or exciting really, although I did create an Etsy store this week, once I get it all up an running there will be enclosed a link.

Im going to be starting a commission shortly, well actually a couple of them, one is for a coworker, kind of a farm thing, and another is for an old friend, Ill have a sketch for that one next time. But one of the things im going to do in hers is lots of strange designs and patterns in a forestly swampish scene (I probably shouldnt make up words though, so it will be somewhat of a taiga type of scene).
I was wondering however to anyone out there, should I include a background in this? I wasnt sure if it needed one, maybe just some light suggestions in the background nothing to distracting.

Unite the United is a non profit organization through Vans Warped Tour, my dear friend Jesse Owens had me design a tshirt for them this year which will be at the various warped tour locations around the country.
definitly not a traditional sugar skull, but I think it turned out well

So I very recently started doing cover work for a podcast called The Drabblecast, and if you click on the link there it will take you to the short story that has my work as a cover. Im looking forward to doing more work for them in the future, and if you like science fiction, horror, or comedy about either, subscribe to it theres alot of strange stories by strange people.
This also made me realize that I should get more references of 60's type women.

Do you ever watch a film that you absolutely loved as a kid and realize that its not really that great by your standards today? Well I recently made a few acquisitions into my extensive film collection that I more or less just stumbled on, We're Back a film about dinosaurs coming to the present with high IQ's and The Neverending story III. Now ive never seen the Neverending story III before, ive seen the other two. Now while the dinosaur film was still pretty decent im hoping that the third installment of the series wont be a flawed as the first film. When I was little I remember vividly watching the Neverending story and remebering it having a great story and compelling characters. But watching it as an adult, you catch all those little flaws that you wish you didnt, like seeing him feeding sugar cubes to keep the horse interested, or how ridiculous the Nothing looks when it had been creepy as a kid.
Its the saddest thing about growing up, that you lose that sense of wonder about everything, yeah sure there alot of things that are still amazing, and I feel that I have a much more imaginative and creative mind than most adults. But its still those little things about being younger that you can never get back...

Lately Ive been enjoying the Racontuers

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