Friday, October 8, 2010

Cherry Premiere

So starting today Cherry will begin its run at Celebration Cinema's here in Michigan, Its going to start at Crossroads in kalamazoo, and then next week the 15th, itll be at Rivertown.
Im rather excited.
Sorry i havent written in a while, things have been crazy with movie gallery going bankrupt and finding a new job, now i have a new job, and its pretty stellar, my coworkers and good and I get to wear alot of black.

If you havent already you should also check out Cherry on facebook and like it, the more people who are interested in the film the better it can get out there.
More to come shortly.

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Rae said...

I completely love that movie. However, your art was the real eye catcher! I am trying to find a copy of your bird with mechanical wings, it's in the credits. I can't stop thinking about it. I haven't had a tattoo in over 4 years, but that bird is exactly what I want. :) Thank you for your inspiration!