Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saugatuck Waterfront film festival

So kinda bummed that ill need to find a new part time job, Movie Gallery's entire corporation is going out of business. Sad but i suppose it might be nice to find something else, maybe work at a bank or something like that.
I am however rather excited, this weekend Cherry will be shown at the Saugatuck waterfront film festival, im hoping to meet some new contacts and that type of stuff. It will be neat to see peoples reactions.

Lately ive been enjoying doing these crazy pen an ink stuff in my sketchbook, plus then i dont get stressed if i have to leave to go to work or something like that. I was thinking of having some sort of story involing the eyeguy, like he would a storyteller type guy.
I also have a new website since i last wrote anything on here, set up for me but the talented Mr. Bill Chesney check it out . There also will be an art book in the works sometime soon that my sister/manager has set up, probably through amazon, but feel free to ask about it if your interested.

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