Friday, October 15, 2010

Cherry at Rivertown Crossings theater

If you havent seen already from the tons of posts about it on facebook, Cherry the independent film that I was fortunate enough to be able to the art for is going to be at Celebration Rivertown this next week. Ill be heading to the 730 showing, and then downtown for the after party at Crush. Should be a good time come and check it out.
This is just a one of my favorites that appears on screen.


Runswithbooks said...

It was great to find out about your exquisite work at the "3rd floor event" in Hastings in March 2011. Your blog is refreshingly free of vulgarisms and profanity, and I just finished reading it from beginning 2007 to end. Love all the art! Love that one can see all manner of extra faces and things in the trees and foliage as one has the imagination to see.

How about a way to buy your art on the website, using Paypal? I'm ready to buy more cards for myself, and prints for gifts.

Steve Zmak said...

I just saw the movie Cherry. I loved all your illustrations and was shocked you were buried so far down in the credits. Your illustrations were a major character in the film and a huge reason why I enjoyed it so much.

I was just telling a friend a few days ago how cool it would be for a film about a photographer to use my photography as the character’s art.

Congratulations on this achievement and good luck on many more!

Greg Ray Miller said...

I just finished watching Cherry on NetFlix I did not see the credits, but went to my computer to find the Illustrator or Illustrators who created the artwork for the film.

How could someone buy prints of your work? Do you have any gallery events coming up?

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

just saw the film cherry,
good style of artwork
release release release
keep it up