Wednesday, September 10, 2008

 These are a selection of the pieces that i will be including in the World Vision benefit show that I am involved with. Their are several other wonderful people who will also be in the show, who i believe all have a blog in my art friends section to the right if youd like to check out some of their stuff. All pieces will start at 15 or 20 dollars and there will be bidding all next week, the proceeds will all be donated to the World Vision benefit which helps people around the world by helping with a variety of things including food, shelter and medical supplies.

The show will be put up in the Padnos gallery in the Calder art center tomorrow afternoon, and the reception for the show will be next week thursday the 18th from 5 to 7, there will be great food, awesome art and even awesomer people. 


Aeris said...

michael those are amazing! :)

enrique ponce mendoza said...

wow!! the elephant with mask of pig is wonderful.