Monday, March 24, 2008

So me and Jroody when we were getting stuff framed for society found these sweet water soluble pencils, which is what that is an image of, they work beautifully. Finished building my giant duck sculpture, but am not quite done painting it, hope to get that going this afternoon, once he is done maybe ill throw a pic of him up here. I've got an idea to build all my furniture for next year over the summer out of recycled materials, like a water bottle coffee table, and door tables. Milk crates will also as always in my apartments be a large theme, thank you Dave. Well I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter, I was painting, but my mom told me the food was good. 
So ill leave you with my closing thought, why in horror movies with some type of creature do they always format the film the same way. With some ill advised teens going off to some strange secluded scary spot to make-out(first off all why are you going to scary places to make-out) and then some type of dark thing drags them off, and you dont really find out what is really is until like an hour in and then your like well I guess thats what a giant hamster that was sealed in a radioactive containment bunker for the last 30 years would look like. its always kind of a let down.

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