Friday, February 26, 2010

So Cherry right

So hey remember a while back when i posted a single cherry image, as a precursor of sorts for something I had been working on, well hey, awesome news, Cherry check it out.

Oh , also since I feel bad posted without some sweet stuff, here is a picture of a moth.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Merry Zombie Appreciation Month

Ah an a merry Holiday to all. For those of you out there who dont know of my made up holiday, during this most miserable of months, when relationships end, the weather becomes the more crappy part of winter with wind and ice (although today was actually rather lovely weatherwise) and radio stations periodically play "Everybody Hurts" by REM I, in stead of celebrating Valentines day (which I never really enjoyed, except the giving each other cards thing in elementary school, and the Illustration studio) celebration zombie movie appreciation month, during which I watch a zombie or horror film everyday of the month. This is partially becuase i enjoy zombie films, and partially becuase I think that instead of focusing on something that makes you miserable (a month of shattered relationships and bad weather), focus on something that gives you hope. Which might seem an odd thing to say when talking about zombie movies, but thats what those type of films are really about. Sure there is a fair share of over the top makeup and special effects, but these movies give the thought that "hey I could totally survive a zombie uprising", that and there is usually a rag-tag band of heroes, who despite all odds survive till the end.
Well after that rambling rant, which really are the best kind anyway, sorry i havent posted in a while. Things have had me a little scatter brained a bit. I have been doing some pretty awesome stuff, I recently finished working on a pretty cool movie doing some paintings for it, I might post some shortly, but i wanted to ask the director if that was alright first.
Ive been doing my own work as well, to some extent anyways, Ive been finding it sometimes hard to be motivated without all the wonderful resources that school has, and living near the city. If i need a new brush I now have to hold out until i really cant stand the one im on since its a bit of a drive into GR, and since if I drive out for a new 5 dollar brush, i might as well buy 40 dollars of paper while im there, then i usually meet up for lunch with someone; it really turns into an all day affair.
While still not all it could be, living out in Middleville has become more bearable, Ive really been enjoying my job, all my coworkers are cool, and i feel like customers are regarding me more as someone who is knowledgeable about movies then the new guy so thats nice.
I kinda painted this one a little while kinda more as a study to mess around with houndstooth but ive been trying to think of a cool way to work it into a series, maybe a life cycle type thing, or just alot of really green stuff.
Their has been alot of cool movies coming out recently, and one i would suggest would be Splinterheads, it was pleasant and was about geocaching, which i think I might really like doing and have already made plans with a few friends to have some fun with it once the weather is alittle more hiking friendly.
The other one was one that ive been waiting for for several years now, which I decided would be the first film of zombie movie appreciation month, and was happy to find that it did have some zombies. Its called Trick R Treat, Ive been waiting to see it ever since i first saw the trailer for it on the 300 dvd. Happily it was everything that I had hoped it would be, with quite a few surprises, actors I wasnt expected and was happy to see.

Well I hope all is well out in the world, and Ill try to not have 4 months in between my posts in the future