Monday, October 12, 2009

Dissapointing Fruit Loops

This is an odd concept ive been thinking about for a video game, slightly art nouveau robots
This Wax frog is already for sale at Plainwell Flowers, in both prints and the Original, the other with the plaid frogs and the lily should be heading down there sometime this week schedule permiting.

So yeah, the other day I purchased one of those spartan brand bags of cereal, it tastes basically the same and its so much cheaper. I decided to go with fruit loops, a childhood favorite of mine I like to isolate the different colors in the bowl and like eat all the greens first or what have you. Well they have apparently started putting marshmallows in with the fruit loops, which would seem like a good thing but its not, its somewhat dissapointing, and it makes the milk taste kinda weird. With this dissappointment i started to question the entire idea of the spartan bags of cereal. What does a snowboarding kangaroo have to do with fruit loops, if your trying to create a pleasant cartoon character to advertise your cereal why choose a marsupial that doesnt really seem to have anything to do with the cereal especially being a Michigan based company, we have cool animals to choose from. Toucan sam makes sense, ever in some twisted way Smacks the frog made sense, kangaroos snowboarding.
That wasnt really relative to anything I suppose, i just enjoy cereal from time to time.

Fall really is a great time, its kinda cold but not that biting wind stuff that seems to happen, its jacket weather, but no one starts hassling me for wearing shorts. And there's an over abundance of pumpkin flavored things everywhere, i love pumpkin stuff. Considering that the only kids that will come to my door are my nieces and nephews is it ok for me to make pumpkin muffins for halloween? maybe ill get a small assortment as well, just in case. Halloween is such a great holiday, its the only time that its acceptable for adults everywhere to wear capes, and all manner of strange clothes. You can become anyone you want to be, someone else for an evening or a few evenings depending on how many parties people have.

I started enjoying Ian Dury and the Blockheads again, classic. Speaking of classic I kinda want to go and see Night of The Living Dead the 1968 Romero film at the Woodland theater in a few weeks here.