Monday, September 28, 2009

Its almost Halloween

A few more of the things that will be for sale at the Plainwell Floral Shop in a few weeks here, i also have another one of a Monkey frog, also known as a Wax frog, in a field of spider mums since they are fun to paint.

A few concept drawings, possibly to be used for a video game a friend of mine is working on, ive got some more in the works of giant robots with squids piloting them
Always thought Da vinci's helicopter designs were cool.

More concept character type stuff.

So I went on a drive earlier out to the local Speedway to get some caffeinated beverages and i realized yet again why this town still doesnt feel like home. I had been thinking that missing Allendale was mostly tied to my studio, since it has been my only real home for the last few years. But I think that perhaps it wasnt just my studio. I miss being able to walk across the street to get caffeine, granted i could never really understand what Sam was saying when i would go in there, but he always was happy to see me and if i went in with an attractive girl he would emphasize the good in "have a good night" as he slipped a few prophylactics into my bag. And pretty much every time I would go into the Allendale Speedway there was always someone i knew in there to talk with. Once when i was working on Christmas the kind guy who runs China One opened up just to make me some chicken, since i was working on Christmas. So I realize that all of those people, the Jimmy Johns folks, except for Ellie that is, Speedway, Calder, even the grocery store, they all accepted me for the strange and peculiar person that I am. Here in Middleville, i know people, but I fell like im being judged for my eccentricities. Tonight for example when i went into the Speedway wearing some hawaiian shorts, skeleton hoodie and puffy vest to purchase some caffeine and a bag of pretzels, I felt that the third shift woman looked at me like I was stoned. I realize that this isnt my town anymore, it hasnt been for some time, not since that night summers back when I had a late night conversation in her driveway, when we talked and stared up at the stars. That house isnt even there anymore.

On an entirely unrelated note, yesterday Christopher and I went to see Pandorum, the new science fiction film starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Superb, It was everything I had hoped for and more. For anyone who hasnt seen my vast movie library, I happen to enjoy movies, I especially love science fiction and horror films. But not so many of the so called horror films that have become popular within the last few years, the ones where its really more about the fact that its gory then that its scary or suspenseful, sure they always have that nail biting scene where the buxom secondary character is running through the woods, while the killer cally walks through the trees after her, yet somehow catches her, probably because of the 5 seconds when she tripped and hurt her ankle. These films are usually predictable and rely on the amount of blood and guts to carry the film. This film, was a spectacular marriage of both science fiction and horror, several points in the movie I jumped rather high as things jumped out. The ending was completely unexpected, the whole story itself didnt really have any moments of predictablity, except the little kid, never trust a creepy little kid. All in all though i suggest seeing it.
I also suggest checking out The Big Bang Theory, which I purchased recently, I laughed so hard I gave myself a headache.
Hope all is well