Friday, August 28, 2009

Hope your ready for all this

A few sketches for fantasy type characters, always fun a good time

Laugh Kookabura, Laugh; a painting that along with the two plaid frogs will be sold at the Plainwell flowers, flower shop after its Grand Reopening
Who says Milar isnt a good time

While i cant really show any of the drawings, cause that would be telling, i figured id put up this single cherry as a promo for the upcoming film Cherry, which ive been doing alot of work for over the past month or so.

One of the first studies i did to get back painting after my arm was well enough

The drawings that are on cardboard all all from a group of colored pencil drawings that i did when i still only had the one arm, my surgery and all that. Still i dont mind them to much.

Its been quite awhile so i should probably elaborate on what ive been doing, for those who are curious. After my BFA gallery show (from my previous post, of which there are still several pieces for sale) I had shoulder surgery on the following Tuesday, during the next week while somewhat conscious because of the pain pills my boss Ellie Smith of Jimmy Johns in allendale fired me, because i went to my get shoulder surgery instead of working the shift that she added to my schedule despite me telling her i couldnt work it, apparently she finally found that excuse to fire me, i knew you didnt like me, but geez lady (in a performance report she marked me down because i helped make a positive working environment). Over the next month or so i was basically confined to my parents basement because i was still quite loopy and couldnt really do much except be sedentary. It was a rather trying time since it seemed to be taking so long for me to be able to once again be able to draw which on top of having to deal with my mother, who i could tell was kind of feed up with having me around and not able to do anything, caused a great deal of anxiety. I kept questioning as to if I would be able to draw as well once i was recuperated. Eventually I was able to move up to the cottage after i bought a new spectacular bed, and didnt have to sleep in a ruddy arm chair. That was around the time that i was able to start working on the colored pencil drawings above, which was alot more fun than i remebered colored pencil being, i see what Tim enjoys about it.
Socially i started being able to see people again now that i was in my own residence, and it was really great to be able to see my friends, even if i couldnt really go anywhere. I did a month or more of Physical Therapy here in Middleville, which was nice, made some new friends and started being able to feel like myself again. Also started being able to drive again and do stuff, went down to Kalamazoo from time to time with the guys to a piano bar called The Union, which was an enjoying bar. Ive also gotten to attend quite a few weddings this summer, Cary Middlebush's wedding was wonderful (although im ashamed to say ive still been to shy to call a lovely girl that i met there) And then Kenny's wedding on the 15th, it was great to see all those familiar faces, and i kinda thought that if Kenny smiled any bigger he might have hurt his cheeks. Renee also got married which was an awesome wedding as well, it was also good to hang out with all the Wayland cross girls again, a few i dont think ive really seen since high school.
So i suppose thats the synopsis of my summer as to current, my movie collection has also increased greatly which i suppose is good for the sanity but not for the checkbook. Hopefully all of you out there have had great summers full of mystery, intrigue (sorry ive been watching alot of Dr. Who) and lets not forget Moosephants.

Also ive you would like to watch something spectacular, check out Torchwood, Children of Earth, the BBC miniseries, it really makes you think about how humanity can be if pushed far enough.
Also the band Psychotic Pineapple, superb