Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the first updates of my show, im kinda a bit behind, but now that i have some of my photos taken i can really kick it into gear
the very beautiful Golden princess, the love interest of one of the stories oh and thats right shes a robot (there will be more butterflies and a castle)
i decided i didnt want to draw horses cause thats lame, and lets face it i dont really like drawing horses, so instead of horsemen, its going to be a guy on a salamander and a guy on a white mouse, why because i do what i want. and perhaps someone besides Sigrid gets the hidden thing ill be adding to these two compostions when they are up at the show.

Other stuff has been ok, confusing and all, but hey life is isnt it. a goat died a while ago, a good goat to.... he will be missed.

The Thrills, check it out, theyre sweet