Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

So sadly I don't think Ill be able to be Hellboy for halloween, couldn't figure out anything to use as the hand. I thought that a Hockey glove would be the best but I couldn't find anything within my price range, I think I could go as Ace Ventura maybe, or a skeleton, that would be a good time. If anyone has any ideas, granted its short notice, I would love to hear them

Been kind of a weird week, confusing, sleepless. But I think its going to be alright, and maybe things will even go the way that Id like them to, heres hoping. 

Hope everyones holiday goes well, I think that mine will, going to a costume party downtown with a pretty stellar lady, might even see my little sister, Chaney late in the evening.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So stuffs been going pretty good I think, bills are no fun but they never are, it seems like whenever i pay one i get another one in the mail; but thats the way alot of things go, like keeping my kitchen clean.
 Anyways i got a new job working on a film in Kzoo, so I will probably get to get down there more then I have in a while, see Alex and those guys. This is a rhinorilla robot, i think i might use him for some business cards. well back to painting it is have a beautiful afternoon.